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You've found my art page.  Good for you.  Here you get to see what I consider art.  Eye of the beholder and such.  Everything not labeled html must be dled to view.

Gallery of Unfinished K-r@d Demos

Demos are little ads for BBSes.  At the time I made these (in TP6 and 7 for DOS) the average HD sector was 8k (8,192 bytes).  A demo of this size takes up one sector - small enough that most would not delete it.  When zipped with a file it conceivably takes 0 sectors.  Besides, 8k is a good, round number.  Nothing to brag about, but good.  4k is where bragging begins.

Shift-palette at its refinest.  I used to be in Pulse.  They kicked me out before I could finish this demo for them. Watch it for a while and chill.  14 screens, 3 palettes.  (8,160 bytes, perfect)
3D engine I made after reading a graphics book for the Apple II.  Too bad there wasn't a chapter on z-buffer. (14,707 bytes, obese)
Fire demo I made for a friend.  (5,155 bytes, a masterpiece)
First demo I ever made.  Sucks.  Works best on a 486. (6,140 bytes)
Unfinished demo (of rolling crystal ball with lettering and some more balls) for a dead BBS.  "It has to have music." (8,598 bytes, overweight)
Flag crap waving around (6004 bytes, plus the image, which can be zipped)
Lens crap bouncing around (6,307 bytes)
Rotation crap spinning around (6,260 bytes)
Fractal program that I'm quite proud of.  (14,328 bytes, obese, but it offers four resolutions and mouse support, almost)




MIDI I wrote for a class.  (3,421 bytes, 30 seconds)


Arcadia ad (html)
LCA it became (html)


Sonnet from high school. (html)
EE poem and explanation. (html)
Physics capstone (minor thesis) Electricity and Magnetism (189 kb, Word 97)
Music Sufficiency? (humanities project) Classical into Techno (??? kb, Word 97)
Major Qualifying Project, (MQP, Senior Project) FPGA-Based Massively Parallel Key Search Machine for Block Ciphers (zipped Word 97 doc, 80kb)