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Fractal Factory

(0.90 Beta)

Programmed by Seth Kintigh in Delphi 3



  • Introduction
  • Instructions
  • Menu Options
  • Known Bugs
  • Things To Do/Fix
  • History
  • Benoit Mandelbrot
  • The Mathematics Of The Mandelbrot Set Explained
  • About The Author


        Fractal Factory is a fast, fun and exciting way to explore the Mandelbrot Set of fractals.  This document contains instructions and everything else you could ever want to know.  Maybe.

        This is version 0.90 beta - a very rough draft of a first release.  There are many strange quirks and a few missing features.  Please bear with me and offer helpful suggestions.  If you find anything at all wrong please let me know.


       To zoom in on a section of the fractal simply click, hold, and drag a rectangle around the desired area.  To abort a zoom once you have already started dragging a rectangle, drag the mouse off the fractal image and release the mouse button.

        Someday soon you will be able to save you images or locations of them, but those features do not yet work.  Sorry, I'm kind of busy with this graduate-from-school thing.

        You can find many other options on the menu bar.  Click around, it should hopefully be straightforward enough that anyone can figure it out.

    Menu Options 

    File Window  







    Known Bugs 

    Bug Cause Bug Cause Bug Cause Bug Cause Bug Cause  

    Things To Do/Fix 


    Version 0.01 Version 0.90  

    Benoit Mandelbrot 

        The Mandelbrot set is named after the man who discovered it and invented the word "fractal."  The following is paraphrased or quoted from pages 83 to 98 of CHAOS by James Gleick.
      To be continued...

    The Mathematics Of The Mandelbrot Set Explained 

    More on this later.

    About The Author 

        Seth Kintigh is currently finishing his senior year at WPI in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA where he is majoring in Electrical Engineering, minoring in Computer Science and Physics, has no job offers, and is writing about himself in the third person.
    Please report any unknown bugs or causes to me at