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"Cool onlooker... -- quiet, reserved, observing and analyzing life with detached curiosity and unexpected flashes of original humor.  Usually interested in cause and effect, how mechanical things work, and in organizing facts using logical principles."  - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator C 1993

My name is Seth Alan Kintigh and I'm not all that interested in how mechanical things work. I was born in Concord, Mass on May 1st, 1975. That's a long time ago. Over 20 years, in fact. That's half way to 40. 40 is old. I'm half old. That's a third of the way to 60. I'm almost dead. All right, not really, but do notice I was born on May Day/Arbor Day/Baletain. My birth was celebrated worldwide.

I have way too many hobbies and I spend way too much time programming. View my gallery of unfinished programs and bask in my autistic talents.

Would you like to see my résumé?

I am no longer an undergraduate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute!!!  I majored in Electrical Engineering and minored in Computer Science and Physics. It was a little rough, but at least I get all this account space. I never did go after that minor in music, but I think two minors should suffice. Who would have figured me for a Professional Student?  I start grad classes this fall.

I finally finished that AM stuff and now I'm a full fledged brother of Pi Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. I took that picture of the house that's on our home page. It's black and white because it was intended for the paedagogus - LCA national's guide for all the local fraternities. However, for the fifth year in a row, they've forgotten the WPI exists and neglected to add the picture or mention us in their history - not even on their web page. If you want to learn more about being anti-tolerance, anti-civilrights, anti-feminism, anti-free-thought trash, visit LCA national and read the reflections of our vice president.  Learn how the messenger affects the message, how you have to be clean-cut and wear a suit to survive in business, and how tolerance is the worst thing since Copernicus.

I was a senator of Student Government Association making a difference.  You know those shower curtains?  That was me.

I was also a DJ on WWPI (formerly WPIR, but that call sign was apparently already taken).

I did lots of stuff on campus. Here's some of my activities with little green dots to enhance viewer pleasure:

*Brother in Lambda Chi Alpha
*Ex Senator in WPI's Student Government
*Ex News Manager of WPIR
*Ex Member of WPI's kick-ass Ultimate team Liquid Scream
*Ex Vice President of IEEE
*Founder and apparently the only member of the WPI Hug Club (long story)

After a lazy hunt for jobs, I found one at Sanders, A Lockheed Martin Company that pays well, lets me rotate around the company, has great benefits, and pays for me to take grad classes - books, travel, time and all.

Other random info:

Life Goals; Completed and Pending

Understand the Mandelbrot Fractal algoritm and program it
Master the art of shift-palette
Bench my own weight
Bench more than I could in highschool
Bench 200
Get a job and buy lots of toys

Complete programming a video game for once
Write a book (and make millions from it)
Write a movie (ditto)
Uh, some music, too
Germinate offspring
Visit The Moon
Become artistic, again
Understand women and help those who are less fortunate
Get paid what I'm worth, more even
Have my Atari sites hosted at
Have the best Dr Pepper Rip Off page

The Meaning of Life


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