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Welcum to the Wild Wild World Wide Web's Wondrous, Weird and Whacked Wrong Page of Inspiration. (W.W.W.W.W.W.W.W.W.P.I)

(back by populist demand)

You will never find lyrics and cover art by two of the Wrongest bands: Sammy Hagar and the Red Rockers, and David Lee Roth.
You will find stories that defy all bounds of Wrongativity.
You will find bad words like "cock."
You might even find bad HTML like this click here.

You catch it once,
you catch it twice,
you catch it with you love device.

I am writing this in emacs, which is most appropriate. You see, emacs has got to be the shitties editor I have ever used in my entire life. That includes using cartridge-based editors for GW-Basic on an IBM PC jr. The fact that I don't learn a new editor is wronger. The fact that I'm writing this is wronger still. The fact that I'm writing this remotely over a SLIP with incredible lag is the Wrongest Thing Of All.

I am using this page to vent all that cannot be vented in other pages. You have been forewarned.
Let's rank on random people, shall we?

If some of these links don't work, get used to it.  Have you ever used Yahoo?  What a blast.  Scan for DES encryption.  90% of the links will be unrelated.  Of the 10% that are, 90% will be broken.  Try Newhoo.  I work there.  Sorta.

Let me start by saying the Netscape's Composer is so stupid it wont even let me save until it's done loading the counter number, which, of course, is impossible as I'm not online.  Thanks to Netscape I no longer have a counter (which was near 1000).  It was save an hour of work or save the counter.  Other Netscape tricks: leave off the http:// from an address.  "Can't find file"  Don't you hate that?

Next let me point out that while I was unemployed no one wanted to give me a job.  Sun told me to buzz off, DG was too incompetent to even do that, and if it weren't for Sanders, who gave me two offers late in the summer, I'd still be unemployed.  "Late summer?" you might be thinking, "what a slacker."  Well, I am compiling a list of slacker companies that were so slow that they never even contacted me until after I had a job:

This portion of my Wrong page was written in Netscape Composer, which is free, and it shows.  And shows, and shows.

Let me tell you of the people on the net to avoid.

Gregory Raymond Murphy, a.k.a. Mmmgreg. We do insane things together, like get locked in parking garages and break out and have our car die along a highway in the middle of nowhere at 2:30 in the morning when it's 20 degrees and windy and we're dressed for a hot club and there's not another car in sight for 30 minutes and we have exactly enough cash to get towed to a hotel where we sleep in a lobby and bum a ride home from an employee.

Ahhhhhhhhh, then there's Rainflower . Where to start? Well, that IS her real name, and that's all I truly know of her. Other than being a compulsive lier and a net-stalker who told me that she was going to fly out from Oregon do who-knows-what to me, and other than making up stories about subjects that shouldn't be trivialized and lying to my friends, she tried to extort money out of me. She made her web page to support her lies. You'll notice that every attached link is "under construction." Always have been, always will be.

Some day I'll scan photos sent to me by a girl posing in front of no less than 7 guns.  Until then keep your eyes peeled.  That would fucking hurt!  Who would do that?  I bet they do that in Afghanistan.

(More lyrics of music I don't listen to anymore:)

"Now let's see you just drop them pants."
"Just take 'em right off. C'Mon, squeal, squeal! Eeeeeeeeee!"

Minds are empty
Heads are hollow
You might find out
The truth is hard to swallow.
There's a place down there
Where heads are square
Laws are tough,
Few are fair.
Where there is a law man
There is a raw man
Who is the right and who is the Wrong man?
It doesn't take much to kill like god
Don't get in my face and ask me why.
Texas is the place... Hang 'em high!
Beers, Steers, and Queers.
-Revolting Cocks