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Mr. Skintight

Vice President of Far Eastern Assets

From the VP:

Dear Investors,

I have wrestled long and hard to achieve the position I am in.  It did not come easy, and when faced with challenges that others might have wilted at, I firmly pressed on.

I take great pride in my position   As Vice President of Far Eastern Assets I promise to stay on top of trends in asset utilization, both foreign and domestic, in order to best service the interests of my investors.  I will endeavor to stay abreast of all of Sam's Inc. public and private holdings.

I will not shy from controversial decisions.  A leader held back by timidity can not lead - one must have the courage to take decisive action, including the liquidation of assets and the seizing of other's assets.

Sam's Inc. can only grow through the penetration of new markets.  Under my leadership, Sam's Inc. will have a finger in every emerging market in the far east.

Your Vice President,
Mr. Skintight