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Rank: 41 Members: 127  Score: 11426(202)

Rank: 41 Members: 127  Score: 11224(255)
We passed Adobe, again, by 4!

Rank: 42 Members: 124  Score: 10969(270)

Rank: 42 Members: 120  Score: 10699(241)

Rank: 42 Members: 119  Score: 10458(206)

Rank: 42 Members: 118  Score: 10252(208)

Rank: 42 Members: 112  Score: 10044(189)

[9/9/99 and MS has 666 members...]

I'm back...

    Lots of neat stuff has been happening.  For starters we broke 10000!!!

    Sanders, A Lockheed Martin company, has begrudgingly decided to give me some of the benefits promised me by my recruiter, on a temporary basis, so I guess I wont be leaving, on a temporary basis.

    A few people have volunteered to take over the web site with one started here.  I'm still not sure how I will transition to another site, as I really like running this one, or at least subjecting you all to my banter.  But I guess a more professional site would require more professional commentary.  As long as I get credit, damnit!  ;)

    I'm still trying to get management excited about SETI.  I got my local sysadmin interested, but that's it.  Any bigwigs out there?

    A dozen of my computers were stuck over the weekend, but Berkeley is back up again.  The text versions just kept on trying to connect over the weekend, and most of them did, which is another good reason to use them.  Apparently, running multiple text clients on a PII 400 is more productive than running a single client, if anyone would like to try that.

    My baby has his own web site and he's not even a month old.  Be sure to check him out.  No, that's not SETI related, thank you.  In other unrelated news, I think everyone should go buy Fallout II as I'm completely addicted to that game.

    Once again I'd like to thank Novell for copying all the daily top 100 pages, which in addition to looking really nice is what supplies me with most of my stats.  One would think Berkeley might do that...

    Have fun!

This message was brought to you by the letters LMCO, the number 10000, and your local ethics officer.

Rank: 42 Members: 111  Score: 9855(251)
We passed Merant International.

Rank: 43 Members: 108  Score: 9604(275)
We passed EuroTel and National Instruments.

Rank: 45 Members: 108  Score: 9329(273)

Rank: 45 Members: 107  Score: 9056(275)
We passed Rational Software Corp.

Rank: 46  Members: 107  Score: 8781(390)
We passed Level 3.

Rank: 47  Members: 106  Score: 8391(307)
We passed FileNET.

Rank: 48  Members: 102  Score: 8084(203)
We passed Burlington Coat Factory.
I'm not sure how Berkeley gets 102 members out of our 91 members, but I guess we can celebrate this milestone anyway.  It sure looks impressive.  I tried regenerating the web page but that didn't fix it.

Rank: 49  Members: 96  Score: 7881(99.5 * 2)  Gap 27
Team LMCO enters the third month of it's life by breaking into the top 50.  The bottom 50 and the top 50 behave very differently.  In the bottom 50 teams shoot up, passing many teams a day.  In the top 50 the order stays pretty much the same, with an old team shooting down though the standings every now and then.  We've been trickling up for a while now, with Motorola as our traveling partner.  I don't think we'll catch them without alot more users.
We passed International Network Services and Intentia.

No data

Rank: 51  Members: 93  Score: 7682(64)  Gap: 198
Okay, we are definitely growing much slower than we used to.  I have been requested to lambaste all of you for allowing Burlington Coat Factory to be ahead of us.  They make coats.  For women.  Come on, people!
Anyway, after reading through Novell's wonderful site, I have learned that the text winnt seti client runs 10% faster than the graphical one, even when graphics are turned off, and can crank though units in minutes if they are uneventful.

Rank: 51  Members: 91  Score: 7618(104)
We passed BBC.

Rank: 52  Members: 88  Score: 7514(52)

Rank: 52  Members: 88  Score: 7462(180.5*2)
Malaysia realized it is not a company, again.
We passes i2.
Berkeley now generates the data late at nigh instead of around noon.

No data

Rank: 54  Members: 84  Score: 7101(129*2)
Malaysia thinks it's a company, again.

No data

Rank: 53  Members: 81  Score: 6843(185)
We passed NCR.  I don't know how Berkeley gets 81 members from our roster, but close enough.

Rank: 54  Members: 77  Score: 6658(174)

Rank: 54  Members: 75  Score: 6484(179)

We passed Lexmark-STL but Novell has been flying up through the ranks and passed us.  Novell has an advantage - they don't have to hide this good idea from LMCO management, who would surly crush it.  If someone here is a golf buddy of upper management maybe you could try to generate some excitement.  Say things like "free PR," "discovering ET could increase defense spending," "good idea you can take credit for," etc.  I would talk to management, but I'm just an ELDP - I can't even get the benefits I was promised when I signed on.

Anyway, as far as I know, Novell is the only other team to have a web page.  Check it out, it's much more professional than this one, though there's some room for netiquette improvements...  That's okay, I just stole this weekend's data from them.  Maybe someone would like to take over this web page and make it all snazzy.  I don't have the drive to do it and I wont be at this bait-and-switch benefits BS jerk-off company much longer, so someone will have to take over.  But I'm not bitter.

Rank: 54  Members: 75  Score: 6305(142)

Rank: 54  Members: 74  Score: 6163(180)

Rank: 54  Members: 74 Score: 5983(230)
We passed CSIRO Australia

Rank: 55  Members: 72  Score: 5753(275)

Rank: 55  Members: 70  Score: 5478(162)

Rank: 56  Members: 69  Score: 5316(225)

Berkeley finally fixed it's servers and we are on the move.  We passed PBS, EDS, AT&T, Electronic Arts and C&WIE, but we were passed by Alcatel.

Rank: 57  Members: 68  Score: 5091(220*3)

No data

No data

We passed Schlumberger but Adobe gained about 1300 to advance 15 ranks to 52nd place.  I'm not sure what's going on at Berkeley, but I bet it involves user's scores being counted towards the wrong team.  FYI, if you were a member of another team before joining this one, you credits stay with them even though they appear on our team roster.  You have to transfer them to yourself for them to help LMCO.

Rank: 61  Members: 66  Score: 4431(194)

Math keeps getting more and more interesting...

    At&T magically gained 1000 points today and passed us, but we passed Alcatel, Namco, Newbridge (another Berkeley-math benefactor) Malaysia (a country, not a company) and Boeing!!!  In fact, Boeing really choked and lost 5 places.

    I'm keeping an archive of rank history, you'll find it in the Links section of this gnarly page.

    Keep chugging.

Rank: 61  Members: 65  Score: 4237(303)

    I guess Berkeley was feeling generous as they decided to double Newbridge's score, raising them from 92nd place to 62nd, which lowers us a rank.  Meanwhile, Motorola and Schlumberger shot past us, Raytheon is trickling off the chart, and Xilinx is making its way back up.

Rank: 65  Members: 62  Score: 3934(182)  Gap: 165

Rank: 64  Members: 62  Score: 3752(185)  Gap: 231

Rank: 64  Members: 61  Score: 3567(219)  Gap: 319

Rank: 69  Members: 58  Score: 3348(196)  Gap: 441

Rank: 69  Members: 56  Score; 3152(210)  Gap: 538

Huh huh huh

Rank: 71  Members: 53  Score: 2942(206)  Gap: 635

(We passed Whirlpool but someone else passed us, I guess I should keep a record of ranks...)

Rank: 71  Members: 51  Score: 2736(175)  Gap: 730

Listen up:

    If your computer takes more than 40 hours to do a unit, you are doing something wrong.  A P166 will take 40 hours per unit if you remember to have your screen saver go to a blank screen after a number of minutes.  Otherwise, you get times of around 160 hours.  Also, I see alot of boring names.  Users can change their login names without changing their stats in the users area.

    We have cruised on up in the rankings, flying past TRW and closing in on Boeing which, as far as I know, is our next competitor and is our new mark.

    Raytheon just couldn't handle the heat:  PICARD STEPS DOWN AT RAYTHEON: Providence native Dennis J. Picard, who joined Raytheon Co. by accident 44 years ago and rose to its top position, stepped down Sunday as chairman. Picard already gave up the positions of president and chief executive to Daniel P. Burnham, and Sunday he turned over the additional title of chairman. He plans to continue on Raytheon's board. (Knight-Ridder)

    Rank: 73  Members: 49  Score: 2561(149)  Gap: 787

    Get some.

Rank: 75  Members: 48  Score: 2412(130*2)  Gap: 800


Rank: 82  Members: 47  Score: 2152(174)

Rank: 82  Score: 1978(182)

That wasn't so hard,

    We have rocketed past Raytheon in the standings and look to move up even more tomorrow.

Rank: 83  Score: 1796(153)

Rank: 86  Score: 1634(91 since yesterday)  Gap: 62

Now it's personal,

    Apparently I looked at the wrong link (see notes) when researching Raytheon's score and they are in fact still beating us.  This was brought to my attention by Team Raytheon in the form of a rambling and mocking email.  Therefore, it is imperative that we find more members and close the 123 point gap.  This shouldn't be too hard (they are kind of slow over there, after all) but we must redouble our recruitment efforts and utilize synergy.  Tell your friends.  You on the bike, you two girls...  There, I just told my cubemate, your turn.

    Rank: 87  Score: 1543(113*4)

    The truth is out there.

The search for the Lockheed Martian continues,

    I'm back, and I find that 5 of my computers have been disabled, my NT account is dead, again, and I'm no longer #1 in the team.  However, Lockheed Martin is now in the top 100!!!  We have passed Raytheon and Xilinx and we look to pass a few more today.  Our team keeps growing and growing, and we have the potential to have 161,000 members.  Keep convincing new people to join.

    Solaris client version 1.3 works with our proxy, see notes.

    Rank: 93  Score: 1091(delta: 127)

    Trust no one.

Rank: 100  Score: 965

Greetings Earthlings,

    I'm Seth Kintigh and I started the Lockheed Martin SETI@Home group.  Originally, it was a group of Sanders AT engineers, but thanks to version 1.05 the rest of LMCO can join in.

    If someone can get the Solaris version to run through the data-garbling LMCO proxy, please let me know how as I have been unsuccessful.  BTW, that was the reason the Windows version 1.00 did not work at the rest of LMCO.

    If you want to email me my address is, but I'm out until 7/19.

    That's all for now.  Beat Raytheon.

Group Lockheed Martin is formed.


    You do not need my permission to join this group, so join now.

    I would prefer everyone choose an interesting login name.


    Select "Go to blank screen" in the screen saver settings.  Depending on your video card, drivers, and resolution, this will quadruple or even sextuple your computation speed.  It seems to have no effect on multi-processor NT computers.

    Choose the shortest practical time before your screen saver starts and goes blank to maximize your contribution.


Windows client 1.05 works with our proxy/firewall

Solaris (and maybe all UNIX) client 1.3 works with our proxy

Depending on how you get to a link, a groups score can be vastly different.  Lockheed Martin's score in the top 100 can be very different than the score you get by following its link and both can be different from what you get if you search for Lockheed Martin.  I think the search gives you the most up-to-date results, the link is completely random, and the top 100 seems to only be updated once a day (around noon?).  You will notice that our score varies by a hundred or two, but others, like Crazy.Horse, vary by a factor of 2.


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