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Some photos from Thailand, somewhat in chronological order.  I chose to scan these because they stood out for technical or artistic reasons, or I just wanted to share it.  They look kind of dark because all Adobe software sucks and is incapable of simply saving an image without modifying it or destroying the colors.

The view from my room.

Sunset over Bangkok.  No, I didn't use a filter.

Please do not touch stalactites - you could lose a finger.

Amy and Fonger.

Book thing.

Find the Fong.

Across the moving bus's aisle, over Steve Fong, through the window, between the power lines, between the telephone poles, nothing but wind-thing.

Harley tuk-tuk.

Seechang island.


We collected some sea glass...

Rich, dreaming about moving to Thailand permanently.  He did.

My favorite.

All I ever got to see of the King's Palace.


Coke, Pepsi and gaffe-yen