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Seth Alan Kintigh

Objective To dance like it hurts, love like I need money, and work when people are watching.
To crush my enemies, to see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of the women.
I want to be paid to watch tv.
Education Worcester Polytechnic Institute
MS Electrical Engineering (I'm done!!!) [5/01]
Overall GPA: 3.64 (WPI: 3.88, In-house: 3.00)

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
BS Electrical Engineering [10/98]
Minor in Computer Science
Minor in Physics
GPA: 3.25

Work History BAE SYSTEM IEWS (Nashua, NH) - Engineering Leadership Development Program (Aug. 98 - ) PixelVision (Acton, MA) - Systems Administrator (May 97 - September 97) HarvardNet ISP (Harvard, MA) - Java Programmer (May 96 - September 96) Papers
An FPGA Based Adaptive Computing Implementation of Chirp Signal Detection (Word, 600k)
Computer Experience Hardware: PC, Sun Ultra, DEC Station, Mac, Networking, Telecommunication
Operating Systems: Windows NT, Windows 9x, Unix, Solaris, Linux, DOS, Mac
Programming Languages C, C++, Java, Pascal, Turbo Pascal, Delphi, IBM ASM, MIPS ASM, Scheme, BASIC
Project Experience Senior Project: Cryptography Junior Project: Chulalongkorn University On-Line Library Model Humanities Sufficiency Project: Procedures to digitally recompose classical music. Graduate Courses Completed
Electrical Engineering
Probability: B
Computer Networks: A
Computer Security: A
Directed Research: Wireless WWW Traffic Analysis: A
Cryptography: A
Real-Time DSP: A
Advanced Cryptography: A
Network Security: A
Undergraduate Courses Completed
Communications Engineering
Signals and Systems
Signals and Communications
Communication Circuit Design
Audio Engineering
Computer Engineering
Micro Electronic Circuits I + II
Logic Circuits
Microprocessor design
Computer Architecture
VLSI Design
Controls Engineering
Computer Science
Schematics of Programming
Electromagnetic Fields
Quantum Mechanics
Activities US FIRST: Sanders/BAE SYSTEMS/Nashua H.S. Animation Team Teacher, WWW Team Lead
Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers: Vice President/Acting President
Student Government Association: On-Campus/Off-Campus Senator
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity: Big Brother x 2
WPIR Campus Radio Station: News Manager, Disk Jockey, Talk Show Host
Volunteer Work: Food Drives, Blood Drives, Soup Kitchens, "Teeter-Totter-a-Thon"
References and additional information available on request

Last updated 5/4/2001